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Co-Head, Accreditation Department (2 vacancies)

Accreditation Department
Operation Area:
Apply by:
25 Feb 2024

Role Description

Job title: Accreditation, Head of Department, Jamboree Planning Team 

Nature of engagement: Volunteer contract 

Duration: From April 2024 until the end of the project in December 2027. 

Team size: To be determined in the course of the work

The mission of the Department is to ensure a secure and efficient registration and check-in processes. Accuracy in credential management done by mapping all the different types of groups attending the jamboree including thorough and secure verification of participant information. The department will be the source of all participants, adults, contractors data required by other departments. During the jamboree department will be in charge of the check-in and check-out process.   

The two leads of the Accreditation Department will collaborate with the Jamboree Management Team and the other Head of Departments to ensure recognition of groups of interest and facilitate the process of smooth registration. Be ready to provide all needed data and verification at any point of preparations and during the event. 

The scope of Accreditation Department shall cover the following: 

  1. Developing and implementing registration process for all individuals attending the jamboree 
  2. Mapping all the attendees of the jamboree with their different needs and credentials in cooperation with other departments 
  3. Designing and managing access control systems to regulate and control check-in 
  4. Managing the check-in centre of the Jamboree 
  5. Ensuring the secure handling of participant information in compliance with data protection laws 
  6. Implementing technology solutions for efficient accreditation processes, such as online registration systems and electronic badges 
  7. Implementing special accreditation procedures for VIPs and distinguished guests. 
  8. Accrediting guests, contractors, vendors, and exhibitors participating in the event. 

Applicant Profile

Applicants from Poland for this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • membership of the Polish Scouting & Guiding Association (ZHP) 
  • completed leader’s service in the previous year and an opinion of the relevant Regional Commissioner or Chief Commissioner 
  • positive experience of projects at least at regional level (domestic) 
  • ability to communicate freely in spoken and written English 

Applicants from abroad for this role should meet the following requirements: 

  • membership of one of the organisations belonging to the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) 
  • a favourable opinion from the International Commissioner 
  • positive experience of projects at international level 
  • ability to communicate freely in spoken and written English

Candidate who will be selected for this role is expected to participate in the next JPT Meeting, which will take place in Gdansk between 19-21 April 2024.

Knowledge and Skills

General management skills proven in scouting or in professional activities:  

  • knowledge of different registration systems or check-in process (not necessarily from Jamboree) 
  • ability to work thoroughly, systematically with a lot of patience for details 
  • demonstrating a high level of competence and personal culture 
  • ability to work with volunteers and staff of the organisation’s international structures 
  • knowledge of how Scouting works in the world 
  • ability to collaborate and build a positive relationship with colleagues and partners 
  • ability to work in a group 
  • achieving the stated objectives 
  • efficiency, motivation, self-reliance and proactivity, going hand in hand with good organisational skills 
  • integrity and a strong sense of ethics in all actions and decisions 
  • knowledge of Outlook 365, MS Word, Excel, operation of SharePoint 
  • organisational skills 
  • ability to prepare user-friendly materials 
  • ability to adapt to new tools  
  • availability to travel to Jamboree site/Poland (min. 2 times/year), including to the Jamboree Planning Team meeting taking place 19-21 April 2024.

 An additional advantage will be:  

  • participation in previous World Scout Jamborees or any other world events  
  • background and/or professional experience in IT 
  • previous experience with WeTrack software or any other project management tool 

How to Apply

The application should be submitted through the platform no later than 23:59 CET (UTC+01:00) on 25 February 2024 and should include: 

  • A Curriculum Vitae that includes both your professional and scouting experience. The CV should be in English and indicate the candidate’s e-mail and mobile contact details. We recommend using the EuroPass standard format ( 
  • A cover letter of no more than 4 paragraphs describing your experience, skills and the rationale for your application (in English). 
  • An endorsement letter from your International Commissioner that includes their favorable opinion on your profile and application for this role. Candidates from Poland should request the endorsement from the Regional Commissioner or Chief Commissioner.

All candidates who sent in their application correctly and on time will be contacted after the application deadline. A decision on the composition of the team is expected no later than the end of March 2024.  

Click the button below to access the recruitment platform and submit your application. If you have any questions regarding the recruitment, please don’t hesitate to take contact at [email protected].


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